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What our patients are saying about group therapy..... "Participating in group was definitely out of my comfort zone...   I knew I needed to challange myself to try something new and out of my compfort zone in order to continue growing. I had plateaued  in my therapy and was very self aware but lacking the environment and safety to practice who I wanted to be. group provided this with relentless support and motivation, it continues to help me grow four months later." ~ J.P. "I've been doing individual sessions with Mindful Actions for a while ... and I was somewhat resistant to group therapy because of past interactions elsewhere, but since joining the Men's Group with Ed, I have been very surprised with how much I like the group and how much it has helped me, both listening to others and sharing my own issues." ~ T.S. "It is important to me to attend every week... By showing up, it helps me to stay grounded...and I not only can seek out support and advice for my everyday life, I can also offer and gain experience and wisdom. I find it beneficial to my emotional and spiritual health." ~ A.K. "I found the group to be very beneficial... to the therapeutic process. It was a different approach to therapy that I'd never experienced before that allows both opportunities for one to ask for help with their own problems but to also offer a helping hand to others." ~ S.H.

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